Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bike


For a cost-effective workout, add a Stamina recumbent exercise bike to the home gym. Various models are featured in this line, including those that convert from a bike to a rowing machine. For under $150, consumers can find a folding recumbent bike that they can use to easily take their workout to any room in the home. Even the larger models do not make much of an impact on the wallet.

Features include preset programs that are changed using push button controls. The LCD console displays statistics like RPM, heart rate, distance, resistance level, calories burned, and speed. Wheeled models are easy to move from room to room and the comfortable reclined seat will make you forget that you are working out!

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Dimensions and weight of the Stamina recumbent exercise bike vary by model. This product requires assembly using the included instruction manual. The maximum user weight is model-specific.

The Stamina recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Recumbent stationary exercise bikes
  • Adjustable molded padded seat  is angled and features a seatback
  • Weighted, oversized pedals feature adjustable foot straps
  • Some models have step-in design
  • Folding, combination bike/rower, magnetic resistance, and magnetic fusion models
  • Multiple preset fitness programs that feature pacing guide and changing speed targets
  • Change programs using push button controls
  • Hand rail pulse sensors enable individuals to stay within their target heart rate zone
  • Magnetic resistance models burn fat and calories more efficiently without impacting joints
  • Dial or push button tension control for establishing workout intensity
    InTouch exercise monitor
  • LCD display screen tracks workout distance, speed,  calories burned, time, and other statistics depending on model
  • Some models feature a water bottle holder and wheels for easy relocation
  • Aluminum seat rail and rollers on some models enable smooth adjustment of seat
  • 3-year frame warranty, 90 day parts warranty


  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet, sturdy, smooth riding
  • Interactive target zone feature


  • Seat is not ergonomic
  • When using high tension settings, bike may wobble
  • Multiple reports of arriving in damaged condition


With the Stamina recumbent exercise bike, you can get a workout without breaking the bank. These reasonably priced exercise bikes feature recumbent seating, which has advantages over traditional upright bikes. There is nothing like a semi-reclined position with back support to work your thigh, hip, and buttocks muscles. Use the multifunction LED monitor to track statistics like calories burned, distance, speed, and workout time.

Whether you select the step-in, folding, or conversion models, assembly is easy using the included instructions. Adjust the seat to the proper distance, sit down, and lean against the seatback. You will be amazed at the comfort provided by a recumbent bike. Work your way through the preset fitness programs that change speed targets as you exercise.

All the while, your heart rate is monitored by the hand rail pulse sensors. If you have selected a model that features magnetic resistance, you will get a low-impact workout that efficiently burns fat and calories. It is difficult to believe that exercising can be so easy!

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