Stamina Recumbent Exercise Bike


For a cost-effective workout, add a Stamina recumbent exercise bike to the home gym. Various models are featured in this line, including those that convert from a bike to a rowing machine. For under $150, consumers can find a folding recumbent bike that they can use to easily take their workout to any room in the home. Even the larger models do not make much of an impact on the wallet.

Features include preset programs that are changed using push button controls. The LCD console displays statistics like RPM, heart rate, distance, resistance level, calories burned, and speed. Wheeled models are easy to move from room to room and the comfortable reclined seat will make you forget that you are working out!

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Dimensions and weight of the Stamina recumbent exercise bike vary by model. This product requires assembly using the included instruction manual. The maximum user weight is model-specific.

The Stamina recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Recumbent stationary exercise bikes
  • Adjustable molded padded seat  is angled and features a seatback
  • Weighted, oversized pedals feature adjustable foot straps
  • Some models have step-in design
  • Folding, combination bike/rower, magnetic resistance, and magnetic fusion models
  • Multiple preset fitness programs that feature pacing guide and changing speed targets
  • Change programs using push button controls
  • Hand rail pulse sensors enable individuals to stay within their target heart rate zone
  • Magnetic resistance models burn fat and calories more efficiently without impacting joints
  • Dial or push button tension control for establishing workout intensity
    InTouch exercise monitor
  • LCD display screen tracks workout distance, speed,  calories burned, time, and other statistics depending on model
  • Some models feature a water bottle holder and wheels for easy relocation
  • Aluminum seat rail and rollers on some models enable smooth adjustment of seat
  • 3-year frame warranty, 90 day parts warranty


  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet, sturdy, smooth riding
  • Interactive target zone feature


  • Seat is not ergonomic
  • When using high tension settings, bike may wobble
  • Multiple reports of arriving in damaged condition


With the Stamina recumbent exercise bike, you can get a workout without breaking the bank. These reasonably priced exercise bikes feature recumbent seating, which has advantages over traditional upright bikes. There is nothing like a semi-reclined position with back support to work your thigh, hip, and buttocks muscles. Use the multifunction LED monitor to track statistics like calories burned, distance, speed, and workout time.

Whether you select the step-in, folding, or conversion models, assembly is easy using the included instructions. Adjust the seat to the proper distance, sit down, and lean against the seatback. You will be amazed at the comfort provided by a recumbent bike. Work your way through the preset fitness programs that change speed targets as you exercise.

All the while, your heart rate is monitored by the hand rail pulse sensors. If you have selected a model that features magnetic resistance, you will get a low-impact workout that efficiently burns fat and calories. It is difficult to believe that exercising can be so easy!

The Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike

Home gym systems are novelties that might cause a person to work out for a few months or even a year, but eventually acts as a collector of clothes and other odds and ends.

Everyone is looking for that one machine they wouldn’t mind working out on every day. The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike is perfect for this – it’s not too strenuous an activity, so the owner won’t tire of using it very quickly.

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Recumbent bikes provide users with most of the same aerobics as riding an actual bike. However, because they are stationary, they omit the need to worry about weather conditions, locations, and traffic. They provide the benefit of getting a lengthy bicycle ride in the comfort of the owner’s home. Unlike many home workout machines, though, they do not consume a lot of space.

Another benefit is that they don’t require the balance and coordination that a standard bike does. This is a huge benefit to anyone who is a beginner to working out but doesn’t want to give up quickly. Anyone who is not used to riding a bike or running or doing other types of cardio, for that matter – can greatly benefit from having the Schwinn in their home.

Having a recumbent exercise bike in the home is one of the only comfortable ways to exercise. It can be relocated so that the user can watch television, read a book, or even babysit while getting a good workout in. Best of all, it provides ergonomic back support that cannot be found in a traditional bicycle. It also reduces the strain on the joints.

Treadmills, pulley systems, and free weights do not offer this type of home workout at all. The Schwinn recumbent exercise bike offers the benefits of a lengthy bicycle ride without ever having to leave the home.

They are one of the few types of exercises that anyone can handle, no matter how uncoordinated or unpracticed. It allows users to get cardio in while watching television and being totally comfortable.

Proform Recumbent Exercise Bike


If you made a fitness or weight loss goal for the new year, let the Proform recumbent exercise bike help you achieve it. The reasonably priced line of stationary recumbent bikes from Proform include great features like digital magnetic resistance, lumbar-supporting seating, a heart rate monitor, and a target pace coach. The top of the line model is compatible with iFit SD and features GameFit interactive fitness games.

Your pulse, distance, calories, and time are tracked and displayed on the backlit screen. Some models feature touch dial and touch screen technology, making use even more convenient. Turn on the integrated cooling fan on some models to enjoy some relief when you begin perspiring. Your workouts will fly by when you plug an iPod into the audio port and listen to your favorite songs through the high-quality sound system.

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Proform recumbent exercise bike weight and measurements differ depending on model. Each model accommodates riders of different weights.

The Proform recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Recumbent anatomically designed seat with seatback that features lumbar support
  • Digital magnetic resistance system adjusts workout intensity via a button press
  • Multiple workout programs vary resistance and speed depending on performance, weight loss, and aerobic workout goals
  • Integrated coach for target pacing
  • GameFit interactive fitness games (some models)
  • Some models are iFit SD compatible (workout cards sold separately)
  • EKG heart rate monitor for accurate pulse readings
  • Backlit display tracks pulse, calories, distance, and time
  • Grafixx touch screen and touch dial display (some models)
  • Some models have integrated cooling fan
  • iPod audio port and Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system
  • 90-day warranty on parts and labor, 5-year frame warranty


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Built-in fan
  • Integrated audio port


  • Some models have very limited number of workout programs
  • Short parts and labor warranty period
  • Some customers experience grinding in pedal assembly
  • Console/sensor sometimes not properly calibrated- consistently reflects being over speed


Proform has expanded its product line from the treadmills for which it became so famous. The Proform recumbent exercise bike takes innovation and quality a step further, providing individuals with a comfortable, yet very effective, workout experience.

With a recumbent seat that has lumbar support, you no longer need to be uncomfortable when riding a stationary exercise bike. Using the GameFit interactive video game system included with some models, you can play Blackjack, Fat Blocker, and more while exercising.

Multiple onboard workout programs vary the magnetic resistance and your speed depending on your aerobic, weight loss, or performance goals. Target pacing is provided by the integrated coach, inspiring you to succeed. Your distance, time, calories, and pulse are presented on the backlit display.

The included iPod audio port lets you listen to your saved songs through the onboard sound system. Some models even have a fan to provide cooling relief. Everything needed to get in shape is included in this line of bikes, making it cost-effective and convenient for you to exercise at home.

The Nordictrack Recumbent Exercise Bike


With a Nordictrack recumbent exercise bike, you can have a comfortable workout that does not put excess strain on your back or joints. Nordictrack makes recumbent bikes that are similar to its commercial models and the price cannot be beaten.

Lean back against the angled seatback and go for a ride, motivated by wireless technology like Google Maps terrain and Jillian Michaels as your trainer when you purchase the iFit Live module separately. You can even plug your iPod into the music port on some models if you want to listen to your favorite tunes.


The Nordictrack recumbent exercise bike line features models that vary in weight and dimension. Maximum compatible user weight varies by model selected.

The Nordictrack recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Line of stationary exercise bikes
  • Comfortable recumbent seat design with lumbar support allows user to relax on an angled seatback while riding
  • Silent magnetic resistance
  • Pedals feature adjustable toe straps
  • Handlebars are adjustable
  • Some models compatible with iFit Live- training with Jillian Michaels, workouts powered by Google Maps, automatic workout downloads, customizable fitness programs, race against Facebook friends, activity and nutrition tracker, downloadable workout videos
  • iFit Live module must be purchased separately
  • Automatic resistance control with 20 digital resistance levels
  • Multiple personal trainer workouts- performance, aerobic, weight-loss
  • Dual-grip handlebar sensor Cardiogrip heart rate monitor
  • iPod and other MP3 player-compatible music port (some models)
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 built-in sound system
  • Grafixx display next-generation LCD technology- show single display or multiple information fields- tracks speed, time, calories burned, pulse, and distance
  • Water bottle holder
  • Built-in wheels for easy transport
  • Lifetime frame warranty, 1-year parts and labor warranty


  • iFit Live
  • MP3 player music port and high-quality built-in sound system
  • Handlebar grip heart rate monitor
  • Quiet
  • More resistance settings than comparably priced products


  • Use of iFit Live requires module that must be purchased separately
  • Sound system is not compatible with playing music at louder volumes
  • Pulse reading is sometimes unreliable


Working out on a Nordictrack recumbent exercise bike is a wireless technology experience. With iFit Live compatibility, Jillian Michaels can be your trainer. This is the only wireless connection between a piece of home fitness equipment and the Internet.

Purchasing the separately available iFit Live module and using it with this bike provides access to customizable fitness programs, an activity and nutrition tracker, automatic workout and workout video downloads, and the ability to race against Facebook friends.

Automatic resistance control features 20 levels of digital resistance and multiple personal trainer workouts are designed with performance, aerobic, and weight loss goals in mind. Monitor your heart rate during a workout using the handlebar Cardiogrip sensors.

Store your water bottle in the onboard holder and plug your MP3 player into the music port to hear music through the built-in sound system. During your workout, the Grafixx LCD display shows your speed, time, pulse, distance, and number of calories burned. Built-in wheels enable you to easily move the bike to another room.

The Nautilus Recumbent Exercise Bike


With a Nautilus recumbent exercise bike in the home gym, you can get some low-impact exercise no matter your age. The electronically controlled magnetic resistance system features multiple levels of resistance, allowing you to customize the intensity of your workouts.

Heart rate programs, preprogrammed workouts, and even a fitness test on some models allow you to get the most from this bike. With multiple programmable user profiles, more than one person can track performance.

Multiple course profiles ensure that you never get bored when riding. Your distance, speed, RPM, calories, heart rate, time, average speed, and more depending on model are tracked and displayed on the backlit LCD screen. Some bikes include convenience accessories like a fan, magazine rack, water bottle, and accessory rack so every supply will be within reach.

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Depending on which Nautilus recumbent exercise bike you choose, the weight and dimensions of the device will vary. The user weight limit is also dictated by model.

The Nautilus recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Stationary recumbent exercise bike for home use
  • Adjustable lumbar support on seating
  • Step-through design
  • Multi-point console and seat adjustments are biomechanically designed
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Magnetic Eddy Current Brake resistance system is electronically controlled
    20-pound flywheel
  • Multiple programmable user profiles
  • Multiple profile courses, some models have dot-matrix course profile
  • Preprogrammed workouts
  • Fitness test (some models)
  • Variety of Polar heart rate programs with included chest belt, grip, and telemetry
  • On some models, Heart Rate Control feature makes automatic intensity adjustments
  • Backlit LCD touch screen display with tilting feature
  • Mile or kilometer measurements
  • Readouts include distance, speed, RPM, calories, heart rate, time, average speed, and more depending on model
  • Remote Operation Control on arm handles of some models
  • Onboard fan
  • Oversized pedals
  • Features like water bottle holder and magazine rack included on some models
  • Integrated gear basket for storing accessories (some models)
  • Wheels for transport
  • 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, 1-year electronic warranty, 6 months parts and labor warranty


  • Sturdy frame and comfortable, easy to move seat
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Fully customizable settings
  • Integrated fan


  • Seat wobbles slightly, according to some customers
  • Seat adjustment technique is not the most efficient


Cancel your gym membership and instead work out at home using a Nautilus recumbent exercise bike. Comfort and design features, heart rate monitoring, and advanced programming allow you to ride harder and longer.

Use the various profile courses to keep yourself motivated and set up a user profile to add course customization and track progress. Your workout will always be smooth and quiet, thanks to a magnetic resistance system that is electronically controlled.

Use the onboard fan to keep cool and keep your water bottle in a holder and towels in the accessory rack on some models. The ability to store multiple user profiles makes it convenient for more than one person to use this bike.

You will both shed pounds while competing against each other for the title of fitness champion.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike


With a Marcy recumbent exercise bike, fat reduction and body toning can be accomplished at a bargain price. This line of bikes is the cost-effective way to exercise using a stationary recumbent bicycle. The step-through frame design makes mounting and dismounting a breeze. Adjust the seat for comfort and slip your feet into the counterbalanced and weighted pedals featuring adjustment straps.

Whether you want to use this bike in the living room, bedroom, or home gym, its compact design will create an easy fit. Assembly is simple enough for even the mechanically challenged to accomplish. Durable construction like steel tubing, molded ABS covers, and durable powder coat frame finish ensure that this bike will be around for years. If you need a basic style recumbent exercise bike that includes fundamental features, look no further than the Marcy line of recumbent bikes.

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Multiple preset resistance levels and an integrated tension adjustment knob let you vary the workout intensity. While you are exercising, the computer screen displays your speed, time, distance, and number of calories burned. You will not believe that you can actually lose weight and accomplish cardiovascular conditioning while you are seated in such a comfortable position!


Marcy recumbent exercise bike dimensions and weight vary by model, as does the maximum supported user weight.

The Marcy recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Recumbent seat stationary exercise bike
  • Step-through frame design
  • Counterbalanced, weighted pedals with adjustment straps
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Multiple preset resistance levels
  • Tension adjustment knob
  • Adjustable seat that is comfortable and large
  • Computer screen shows calories burned, time, distance, and speed
  • Compact design
  • 2-year manufacturer limited parts warranty


  • Low price
  • Compact
  • Easy assembly


  • Has only basic features
  • Limited number of resistance levels


The durable construction, compact design, and easy assembly of the Marcy recumbent exercise bike make it attractive to some but its low price is what turns most shoppers into buyers. This bike includes all the basic features people need during their workouts. It features a comfortable seat and seatback, foam-covered contoured handlebars, a sturdy frame, and pedals that are counterbalanced, weighted, and feature adjustment straps.

Magnetic resistance makes each workout smooth and quiet. Select from eight resistance levels to customize the workout and use the tension adjustment knob for additional refinement.

An adjustable seat makes it possible for people with different body types to use the same bike. Each will sit in a reclined position, minimizing the strain on the joints. The step-through frame makes it convenient for the elderly or those recovering from injuries to use this equipment.

During the low-impact, comfortable workout, a computer screen displays how many calories have been burned as well as the exercise time, distance, and speed. Exercising on this piece of equipment allows individuals to tone and define their bodies, reduce fat, and condition their cardiovascular system.

The compact design and easy assembly let anyone begin riding in even the smallest amount of free space shortly after unpacking the bike from its box.

Ironman Recumbent Exercise Bike


Depending on which Ironman recumbent exercise bike you select, you will have access to a different set of features. Common to all Ironman bikes are the comfortable recumbent seating, large flywheel, and smooth, quiet magnetic resistance. The large display shows statistics like speed, distance, pulse, and calories burned. Your model will have either a multi-level manual resistance dial or handlebar tension controls. Some models even store multiple user profiles and include convenient accessories like a water bottle holder.


Depending on the model of Ironman recumbent exercise bikeselected, the dimensions and weight of the product will vary. The maximum weight capacity for a user also depends on model chosen.

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The Ironman recumbent exercise bike includes:

  • Recumbent stationary exercise bike line
  • Contoured seat and seatback
  • Large 20-pound, precision-balanced flywheel
  • Mesh seating on some models provides breathability
  • Walk-through frame
  • Self-balancing, oversized foot pedals featuring adjustable straps
  • Manual resistance dial with multiple levels or handlebar tension controls, depending on model
  • Large display shows pulse, pulse recovery, calories, distance, speed, time, and more depending on model, also may have touch screen functionality
  • Multiple-window console on some models
  • Magnetic resistance belt drive system is quiet and durable, yet industrial strength
  • Some models feature preset, heart rate, and manual programs
  • Dual EKG grips on seat frame and console provide constant heart rate monitoring (some models), other models feature wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring
  • Recovery function on relevant models checks heart rate response and provides a recovery score
  • Some models accommodate multiple user profiles
  • Model-specific accessories include water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels on some models
  • Duration of frame, mechanical, electronic, and labor warranties vary by model


  • Smooth pedaling action
  • Comfortable seat
  • LCD screen is difficult to read in low light on models without backlighting
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quiet operation


  • Limited manual resistance levels on some models
  • No fan, iPod port, or speakers
  • Some models do not include pre-set workout programs
  • Reports of parts breaking and poor customer service


For a smooth pedaling experience on a stationary exercise bicycle, try an Ironman recumbent exercise bike. The bikes in this line feature comfortable recumbent contoured seating, a walk-through frame, and oversized foot pedals that are self-balancing. Some models even have mesh seating for improved breathability. With a large, precision-balanced flywheel and belt driven magnetic resistance system, a durable piece of exercise equipment is the result.

View statistics like time, speed, calories burned, pulse, and distance on the large display. On some models, the screen is backlit and features multiple windows and touch screen functionality, providing more convenient access to all information. Model-specific programming for preset workouts, heart rate, and manual settings is also available. When heart rate is monitored, it is done so via a wireless chest strap or dual EKG grips integrated into the seat frame and console. Multiple users can set up profiles and take advantage of a heart rate recovery function on some models.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

The word “best” clearly points to someone or something that is top quality and stands out above the rest. Many people are choosing to go the home fitness route and are looking for something that is effective and built to last. Not all exercise bikes are created equal, so it is wise to search for the top exercise bike on the market that has optimum effectiveness. If you are in the market for home gym equipment, look for the best recumbent exercise bike that is well made and quality tested.


Most people prefer these types of bikes because they have a natural feel that requires less effort than outdoor bikes. Recumbent bikes were used many years ago in bike races and were a popular choice among cyclists. Home fitness enthusiasts find them equally attractive and prefer them instead of standard stationary bikes. The best quality bicycles have great features across the board and provide a great means of regular fitness.


Physical exercise at home takes a lot of self-discipline and resolve, so it is best to purchase top-selling equipment that is going to perform well. The decision to take the fitness plunge at home is sometimes short-lived, especially when the equipment is not well made or is uncomfortable. Quality goes a long way when purchasing an exercise bike that will be used on a regular basis.


Recumbent exercise bike deals are available on many popular websites that offer a variety of products. Top selling bikes with the best customer satisfaction should be the first choice when doing an online search. Names like Schwinn, Nautilus and Proform are among the best recumbent bikes in the home fitness world. Many reviewers and fitness experts give the Schwinn 240 the nod as the best recumbent bike on the market.


Schwinn bikes have been around forever it seems, and their solid reputation is based on the proven products that produce time and time again. There are many top-selling brands, but the 240 model is believed to be the best choice in the recumbent bike line. With sixteen resistance settings to choose, consumers can design the kind of workout that best suits them. There are many levels to choose from to meet any home exercise goals, including a casual stroll to an intense climb.


The Schwinn 240 model also has a programmable mechanism to store details that can be used to customize workout sessions. This is an added plus to make it easier to remember the level that was done previously so consumers do not need to keep putting in the same information repeatedly. Exercise workouts do not need to be laborious and intense but can serve as a form of relaxation while still promoting an active lifestyle.


Exercise bike users can ride hands-free or hold on the front or side handlebars for their convenience. There is even a built-in basket under the bike to store a water bottle or book, so everything is in one place for each fitness session. The Schwinn 240 recumbent bike is known for its top quality, smooth feel, and  variety of workouts.